What is Plasma and GANS state of matter

What is plasma?

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Plasma is the fourth state of matter. Many places teach that there are three states of matter; solid, liquid and gas, but there are actually four. The fourth is plasma. To put it very simply, a plasma is an ionized gas, a gas into which sufficient energy is provided to free electrons from atoms or molecules and to allow both species, ions and electrons, to coexist. The funny thing about that is, that as far as we know, plasmas are the most common state of matter in the universe. They are even common here on earth. A plasma is a gas that has been energized to the point that some of the electrons break free from, but travel with, their nucleus. Gases can become plasmas in several ways, but all include pumping the gas with energy. A spark in a gas will create a plasma. A hot gas passing through a big spark will turn the gas stream into a plasma that can be useful. Plasma torches like that are used in industry to cut metals. The biggest chunk of plasma you will see is that dear friend to all of us, the sun. The sun’s enormous heat rips electrons off the hydrogen and helium molecules that make up the sun. Essentially, the sun, like most stars, is a great big ball of plasma.

Scientific models claim there are three (3) slightly different energies within a Neutron ( 1 up quark and 2 down quarks ). According to Keshe however, tiny magnetic fields are the real fundamental particles originating from a cosmic magnetic soup.  In other words, the foundation of matter is not smaller bits of matter.  Rather, the foundation of matter is energetic frequencies that, when combined with other similar frequencies, create the new energetic frequencies that manifest as physical matter.

A neutron can decay into the plasma of a proton and the plasma of an electron, and both will still contain parts of the Matter-Trinity of the original neutron. They have each an individual, and together an overall, magnetospheric condition which is governed by magnetic and gravitational field strengths.

This is similar to the inward Gravitational and outward Magnetic fields of Earth, and this is exactly how microscopic atoms can unity to create something as grand as our Milky Way Galaxy. Based on this newly developed understanding of the creation of gravity, scale prototype systems have been engineered and constructed, producing amazing results,such as creating lift and motion without burning fuel – creating lift without propulsion!

In the image below we see 4 Keshe Plasma Generators (KPGs) in a star formation. Each one of the generators is filled with GANS (GAs in a Nano Solid state).

What is GANS (Gases in Nano Solid State, at room temperature)?

The gans is a new material discovered by Mehran Keshe, and this gans is something of a superconductive goop – very interesting. (See image below).

When this gans material is spun within a KPG, the centrifugal forces within this superconductive material produce dynamic ionization (a vortex of electrons), and this vortex then induces a Magnetic and a Gravitational field (a MAGRAV field).

By adjusting the spin rate of the generators you can control the strength of the Magrav Fields.

These generators are currently being developed for energy generation and transportation, all around the world, and with the guidance of Mehran Keshe, Director of the Keshe Foundation and the Spaceship Institute.

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